Acupuncture Offers an Integrative Approach to Healthcare.

We know that each person has their own path towards achieving health; we simply provide tools that you need when you need them, encouraging your own innate ability to heal, grow and thrive. We offer non-pharmaceutical solutions for treating health issues.

home-tallChinese Medicine can alleviate these conditions naturally:

Acupuncture is Gentle, Relaxing and Painless. We specialize in:

What’s New:

We are please to announce we are now Contracted Providers with SPN:

Dignity Health Sequoia

Sequoia Physicians Network gives you access to more than 200 of the area’s leading primary care and specialty physicians. The Sequoia Physicians Network doctors are located throughout San Mateo County and offer a wide range of quality primary care physicians and top specialists; many who are board certified and recognized leaders in the medical community….. including us!

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SAVE THE DATE! Sunday, October 4th Many Lives Open House!

Open House

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